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Kwame's motto is that "the best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations." 

This book builds on the Compassionate Curiosity Framework Kwame introduces in his first book, Finding Confidence in Conflict. In it, Kwame teaches us how to approach any difficult conversation in a way that acknowledges emotion, invites curiosity about where compassion is needed and then a joint approach to problem solving. Through self reflection, the reader can learn to embrace difficult conversations specifically about race as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than a win-lose proposition. The variety of scenarios, examples and coaching throughout make this a phenomenal book for anyone looking for practical tools to bring to work and other community. 

Rather than "calling out" racists, Kwame teaches us how to call people in to engaged communication about what is and isn't anti-racist behavior. 

Each chapter has 3-4 discussion questions, a perfect starting point for a book club or other group format. 

 In the Appendix, there is The Advocate's Playbook: Handling Common Race-Related Scenarios at Work. This is invaluable - from how to handle inappropriate jokes to confronting flagrant racism.