I have an extensive background as a champion and manager of accessibility projects and programs from big tech companies to small start-ups. 

Starting in 2002, I led the implementation of closed captioning on Link TV, a 24/7 nationwide television channel - creating the process from captioner to broadcast, in order to comply with an FCC mandate for US broadcasters. 

Later at LinkedIn and Apple, I created accessibility programs for live events including captions, audio description, assistive listening devices, physical accommodations and more. I worked across global teams to plan and execute an inclusive experience online and in person. 

During my Google days, I began participating in conversations around WCAG by attending industry events and building relationships with key influencers. I produced my own event in 2016: Make Your Content Accessible to EVERYone featuring Haben Girma.  In 2017, I published How to Caption Live Online Video after moderating a popular session on the topic at the Streaming Media Conference. 

Most recently, I completed the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging for Leaders and Managers training on LinkedIn Learning. 

I am an advocate for diverse and inclusive workplaces where people have equal access to opportunities and can feel a sense of belonging. I am learning about allyship, how I can embody it and enable it in others. I started the Inclusion Book Club because I believe every individual has a responsibility to understand bias and make efforts to prevent bias from causing harm. 

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