My name is Heather (she/her). I am a cis gender straight white woman born and raised in the United States. I have a regular meditation and mindfulness practice and prioritize time in nature, community, music and contemplation. 

I started the Inclusion Book Club because I believe every individual has a responsibility to understand bias and to take action to prevent bias from causing harm.

I am an advocate for diverse and inclusive workplaces where people have equal access to opportunities and can feel a sense of belonging. I recognize that I benefit from privilege due to the racial injustice in this country. I am learning about allyship, how to embody it and enable it in others. This site and the Inclusion Book Club are steps I am taking in that direction. 

I want to be the white person that other white people can go to for processing our whiteness together so that our BIPOC colleagues can rest. I want to help create an anti-racist world, a transformation that is well underway thanks to every person who has ever fought for justice, and love

My rich and complex experience; from small startups to the giants like Google, LinkedIn and Apple, points to a common need for tools and practices that foster compassion and psychological safety at work. By normalizing and rewarding these values in business, we may unlock potential to tackle some of humanity’s greatest challenges. 

Inclusion is a personal journey so thank you for joining me on mine. We are all starting from very different places. Each day brings new feelings and dynamics as the world shifts and changes constantly. There is no way to know everything in the field that is often referred to as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging - DEIB for short. 

Recently I read an argument for starting this list with Inclusion. I concur and so I named this Book Club accordingly. I am structuring this site in hopes others can use it to organize their own book clubs and discussion groups without a lot of startup effort.

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